The End of the World Almanac
The End of the World Almanac
A handbook of our post-factual future
Science Crimes Division
In a near-future where everything is measured, a woman on the run from her past must contend with her brother's death.
(In Progress!) How do you stop a killer who remembers the future?
Feast of Shadows
As his marriage crumbles around him, a brilliant medical scientist searches for the source of a horrific illness that leaves its victims ashen and wasted.
Desperate to save his child, a billionaire offers one million dollars to anyone who can find his missing girlfriend, including the down-on-her-luck art school dropout who broke into his private club on a dare.
The NYPD's resident occultist contemplates a devil’s bargain to stop a killer, who just may be the Lord of Shadows.
An eight-year-old boy and his a menagerie of strays are left to stand alone against the night creature that hunts him.
After carelessly killing an innocent, a beautiful aristocrat is cursed with eternal youth.

The End of the World Almanac